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Dangerous Working Conditions Can Lead to Worker’s Compensation Claim

Construction workers are subjected to one of the most dangerous working conditions of any industry on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this factor makes injuries on construction sites a common occurrence. Some worker injuries are very mild; however they can also range from moderate to severe, while some are even fatal.

Causes of Work-Related Accidents

Regulations exist for ensuring the safety and protection of workers and others who enter construction sites; however these are not fool proof for the prevention of serious injuries. Construction accident injuries may result from falls, falling objects, equipment malfunctions and other issues. Workers may also become injured by inhaling or coming into contact with dangerous chemicals or toxins, as well as incurring muscle strain from lifting objects or making repetitive movements.

Finding Liability

When someone becomes injured at a construction site, several people or entities may be responsible for damages sustained by the victim. Liable parties may include the owner of the site, equipment manufacturers, suppliers of building materials, contractors and others with a stake in or connections to the construction site or project.

The parties found to be negligent in a construction accident case may be liable for medical bills, pain and suffering expenses and loss of income. In some cases, those liable may be forced to pay punitive damages, if malice or gross negligence is shown to have occurred.

The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

If someone has been injured at a construction site or at a work setting in general, it may be beneficial to contact a personal injury attorney knowledgeable in areas of accident claims and worker’s compensation laws. This type of attorney can help an injured victim sort out the complexities of filing a claim and establishing liability for all who may be at fault.

The Daytona Beach accident attorneys at Rue & Ziffra have over 30 years of experience in representing the victims of serious work accidents, worker’s compensation claims and other personal injury areas of practice.

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Dangerous Working Conditions Can Lead to Worker’s Compensation Claim
Written by: Darren Coleman, Esq.
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