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SUV’s can Pose Higher Risk of Auto Accident

Author: Webmaster / August 8, 2016 / Categories:

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) rollover accidents are often some of the most serious car accidents, resulting in permanent disability or even death for a victim. And because there has been an increase in popularity of SUV’s means more of these types of vehicles are on the road, and a higher number of related rollover accidents now occur each year.

The gravity center of SUV’s makes them more susceptible to rolling over because of the higher position from the ground it has compared to regular automobiles. Also, The types of vehicles categorized as SUV’s, that are most widely used by drivers, often do not come equipped with the roll bar protection available on their off-road vehicle counterparts, which is a factor that makes SUV accidents potentially more dangerous.

A large number of individuals become injured as a result of SUV rollover accident every year, and many of these vehicle often fail to receive high safety ratings from government and manufacturing officials. As a result, Florida law allows for compensation for accident victims for damages they accrue as a result.

Victims of an automobile crash (and their loved ones) may be entitled to received compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional stress and other damages they received as a result of an automobile accident in a SUV.

For SUV rollover cases, negligence must be proven to determine liability for the accident. Strict liability is often a controlling doctrine that involves defective product allegations. The legal term denotes liability of the manufacturer or vehicle maker involved, regardless of fault, if a defect or unsafe feature is found on an SUV that contributes to the automobile accident. If strict liability is found, responsible parties must pay for all damages incurred.

For those injured as a result of an automobile crash involving an SUV rollover, personal injury attorneys are standing by to assist with getting them due compensation for their claim.

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SUV’s can Pose Higher Risk of Auto Accident
Written by: Allan L. Ziffra, Esq.
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