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Malpractice Attorneys Fight Back Against Nursing Home Abuse

Author: Webmaster / August 8, 2016 / Categories:

Individuals place their relatives and loved ones in nursing homes believing they will receive the proper standard of care. Unfortunately, nursing home injuries caused by abuse or neglect are not uncommon in many of these types of residential care facilities. In fact, the rates of reported mistreatment of elderly patients in nursing homes has recently been cause for serious alarm among lawmakers, as well as the general public.

Common types of nursing home abuse or neglect include:

  • Physical abuse or assault
  • Nutrition deprivation
  • Failure to provide or seek proper medical treatment
  • Alienation
  • Sexual Abuse

Some residents are even stripped of their financial assets by workers, caretakers, relatives and others.

There are laws in Florida to protect elderly individuals from abuse, neglect or other forms of maltreatment in nursing homes or by those in charge of their care. The individuals that courts deem liable in these matters include owners of nursing homes, administrators or other workers. If patients decide to take legal action to receive compensation for injuries resulting from maltreatment, they must prove two things: that someone was negligent in providing care and that this negligence led to the victim’s injuries or means of unacceptable care. In more complex cases, one may also have to prove that a breach of duty occurred which resulted in injury. For example, if a nursing home patient dies as a result of negligence, no proof that they would have lived past the time of injury if not for the negligence or abuse is required.

Victims of nursing home abuse or their loved ones always have the option of consulting with a medical malpractice attorney. Although this type of case is traumatic and can put hardship on any family, seeking guidance from an attorney immediately when the nursing home abuse is discovered can act to successfully hold offenders legally responsible for their actions.

The Daytona Beach medical malpractice attorneys at Rue & Ziffra, have over 30 years of experience in representing the victims of nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, hospital negligence and other personal injury areas of practice.

The above entry is NOT LEGAL ADVICE and should not be intended or construed as such. It is intended only as general information. No individual reading it should act upon it. Reading this entry does not create any relationship between Rue & Ziffra and individuals reading it. If you have questions or concerns, please seek professional legal counsel.

Malpractice Attorneys Fight Back Against Nursing Home Abuse
Written by: Kim Bouck, Esq.
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