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Have I Been a Victim of Medical Malpractice?

Author: Webmaster / August 8, 2016 / Categories:

Medical Malpractice occurs when your doctor or hospital causes you injury by failing to provide acceptable care. If your physician or hospital acted in a way that was not consistent with normal standards, you may have been a victim of Medical Malpractice.

Have I been a Victim of Medical Malpractice? – 10 Questions to ask Yourself

  • Did you or a family member suffer a severe or permanent injury while under the care of a doctor, hospital or other health care provider?
  • Did your doctor keep information from you about your condition or fail to diagnose a surgical risk that caused your injury?
  • Did your insurance company question certain procedures, tests or diagnoses, thereby delaying treatment or keeping you from getting appropriate surgery?
  • Did your doctor delay treatment by failing to test and diagnose a disease in a timely manner?
  • Did your doctor cause an injury to you or your baby during childbirth?
  • Did you take prescription medication that caused an injury?
  • Did you suffer injury because the equipment used during surgery or treatment was faulty, broken or handled improperly?
  • Did your condition worsen because your doctor failed to refer you to a specialist?
  • Did your doctor fail to follow up on an abnormal test result or order a proper test in a timely manner?
  • Did your condition worsen because you were discharged too early from a hospital or other care?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions or are concerned about medical treatment you received, it may be valuable to speak with an attorney knowledgeable with the laws of medical malpractice. Keep in mind that there is a specific Florida time limit, ranging about 2-4 years from the occurrence of malpractice, in which an individual must bring a claim if they want to try and receive benefits.

The above entry is NOT LEGAL ADVICE and should not be intended or construed as such. It is intended only as general information. No individual reading it should act upon it. Reading this entry does not create any relationship between Rue & Ziffra and individuals reading it. If you have questions or concerns, please seek professional legal counsel.

Have I been a Victim of Medical Malpractice?
Written by: Kim Bouck, Esq.
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