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Big Trucks in a Small Town

You wouldn’t think a small town like Edgewater would see a lot of semi-trucks driving through it but you have to remember it is still a town located along an interstate. Along with I-95, there are still stores that need to be stocked up every week. Without trucks bringing in new food and supplies, Winn Dixie would be pretty empty. So while they might not be the most common sight, they are still there keeping the town afloat. There are also other more common trucks such a delivery trucks that frequent the roads. Both of these trucks offer the same pros and cons. They both deliver large quantities of good while also being dangerous if they get in an Edgewater Truck Accident.

Of course, there are other dangers besides them actually getting into an accident. If you have ever driven behind a semi in the rain you know they can toss up quite a bit of water that will cover your windshield. On top of that, if you are close enough to the truck you might feel your vehicle trying to veer off course from the air being pushed off by the truck. On some interstates, the simple way to avoid this is to move over to the furthest lane until you successfully pass them. What if you don’t have that extra lane though?

Don’t panic, you have other options that will help keep you safe when driving near a semi in rainy weather. You can slow down and stay a safe distance away from them. You can also speed ahead of them, just remember not to go over the speed limit and to keep a tight grip on the wheel. It’s not worth risking damage or injury just to pass the truck. You can also seek an alternative path to your destination. Edgewater has multiple ways of getting around. Where you can reach via I-95 you can also reach via US-1 or by taking different back roads.

Be safe on the road, remember that semi-trucks can be dangerous if not approached appropriately. If you or a loved one are a victim of a truck accident, contact Rue & Ziffra today to get an Edgewater Truck Accident Attorney to make sure you are protected and receive the compensation you deserve.

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