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The Modern Day Vehicle

Modern day vehicles are coming with more and more safety features, to the point where they can almost eliminate the potential for human error to get in the way. How do they do this? By eliminating the need for a driver altogether. Fully autonomous vehicles might be years off from being commonplace, but they are still emerging in the market. Even without the autonomous vehicles on the road, features like traction control are making vehicles easier to control in dangerous scenarios. If the car senses it is going over water or some form of slick material the wheel’s tension will lock, preventing you from losing complete control.

Other features such as improvements in airbags and improved overall design to reduce the chances of injuries to passengers in the case of an accident have also been implemented. Before being released, vehicles are put through crash tests to make sure they meet modern safety standards. Each new generation of a vehicle goes through more revisions and improvements, making each new generation that much safer. Even with vehicle safety going through constant improvements, accidents still occur and injuries still come from them.

While we are on the road to better, more safe vehicles, we have to deal with the accidents that still occur daily here in Volusia County. Being a tourist heavy place, even the towns away from the beach can get filled with traffic. Of course, traffic isn’t necessary for accidents to occur, it simply creates an environment where one is likely to occur. Even quiet back roads have auto accidents, and sometimes more severe ones than in the city. In the city, speed is usually controlled since the streets are less open to go flying through. In the less crowded areas, with more open roads it is tempting to speed around a bit. This leads to taking corners too quickly, or not having time to respond to obstacles.

It also means it takes longer for response teams to get to you. Hospitals are usually located in towns and cities, meaning they have to get through city traffic just to get to the area you are in. Those extra moments it takes for them to reach you could mean life or death, so when you are on the back roads tread safely. Laws are in place for your protection, even if they get in the way of your raceway dreaming.

Perhaps the most dangerous place for an accident is the highway. All the safety features in the world can’t seem to make I-4 any safer for people. Every day is filled with cars, commerce, traffic jams, and car accidents. It’s amazing how I-4 can be so short compared to an interstate such as I-95, yet be known for so many accidents and traffic jams. Luckily the area around Deltona isn’t really known for this, but past Deltona onwards to Orlando is where the problems tend to begin. That doesn’t mean they don’t happen in Deltona of course. I-4 accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Even in the middle of the night, I-4 can be the site of multiple accidents and traffic jams, though they do tend to happen more in the normal business hours.

Regardless of when or where in Volusia County your accident happens though, Rue & Ziffra is ready to help. Contact us as soon as you get medical attention after an accident and we will help guide you through what to do next. It is important to get the steps right from the very beginning, to save time, money, and effort later on. Even if you haven’t been in an accident, having the number for a Deltona Auto Accident Attorney handy is never a bad idea. If you haven’t already, take out your phone and put Rue & Ziffra, (386) 788-7700 in your contacts now.