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The determination of a court of competent jurisdiction upon matters submitted to it. A final determination of the rights of the parties to a lawsuit.

Types of Judgment include:
Default Judgment – A judgment entered on behalf of a plaintiff when the defendant defaults, or fails to appear in the proceeding.

Final Judgment – A Judgment conclusively determining the rights of the parties and disposing of the entire controversy before the court, or of some separable portion thereof, so that, immediately after the judgment or an appeal there from is rendered, the only judicial business that remains is enforcement of that judgment.

Judgment on the Merits – Judgment rendered through analysis and adjudication of the factual issues presented, rather than by the existence of a technical or procedural defect that requires one party to prevail. A judgment on the merits is binding and issues so adjudged become subject to the force of res judicata and collateral estoppels. Judgments not rendered on the merits are frequently considered dismissed without prejudice so that the factual issues may eventually be decided upon.

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