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Expect the Unexpected

Daytona Beach Personal Injury Attorney

 We have all heard the wise words before, “Expect the unexpected”, or some variation on the idea. “Beware the unseen” or “You never know what may happen” or perhaps the most interesting version “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. These are all good sayings, though they don’t really take hold until the unexpected, unseen, or worst happen. We go out on the town, get behind the wheel, and never expect that this could be the last drive we’ll be taking for a while. All it takes is about five seconds for an accident to happen. Most likely, it only took you five seconds to read that sentence. That isn’t a very long time at all, yet it can take months or even years to recover from it, and that is just physically speaking. The financial burden of it could take even longer.

daytona beach personal injury attorney

   Even a broken leg can throw a pretty heavy wrench in the gears. If you have a job that is physically demanding, you won’t be able to get back to work right away. You could try to get a less active job, but do you have the training and experience for it, and will it pay the same as the last job? How are you going to support yourself much less a family? The worst part of all of this is that it isn’t even any of your fault! Someone was texting and driving when they rammed into your vehicle, or driving intoxicated, or simply not paying attention to the road.

   So, why should you have to suffer when you are not even responsible for it? The answer simply is that you shouldn’t have to suffer at all. When you are injured, you are due compensation for your injuries. These can include covering medical bills, income loss from an inability to work, and property damage. For some of this, insurance might cover the costs, though even then they may not cover all of it. If the injuries are severe enough, you might even become eligible for social security disability.

   If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, don’t hesitate to contact the law offices of Rue & Ziffra. When you come to us, you get the dedication and experience of a respected Daytona Beach personal injury lawyer. We have been serving the Volusia County area for over 40 years now, and we plan on continuing to serve our clients for years to come.


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Interacting with Opponents

The courtroom can sometimes be a battlefield where two parties meet and fire back and forth at each other. Sometimes these things can be settled outside of the courtroom, but there are still two distinct sides to each case. Of course, this doesn’t mean there has to be hostility between the two parties involved. They can still interact with each other or even be friends. While it might be advised to avoid each other, you might still bump into each other at the store. It tends to not be in our nature to just ignore someone who is right in front of us, so small chatter might start up between the two of you. Do you know what you should say or not say? That is important to know when talking not just to the opponent, but to anyone who knows the opponent.

Daytona Beach Accident Attorney

It is a well-known fact that gossip happens, and it is not limited to the movie cliche’ of a group of women talking over wine or coffee. Men are just as guilty of doing it, maybe even more. All it takes is the right piece of information to reach the wrong ears to cause problems in the courtroom for you and your Daytona Beach Auto Attorney. An even bigger problem is when it happens on a social media network such as Facebook where it can be documented and shown in court. That is for another article, however, right now we talking about communicating either verbally or over messaging.

The best advice we can give you is to not talk about the case when not around your Daytona Beach Accident attorney. This even counts for talking to people you trust like your spouse or your best friend. They wouldn’t sabotage your case intentionally but sometimes words slip out carelessly. When asked about the case, just give people simple answers. Tell them it is going well, or say that it’s stressful, or ongoing, etc. Use words that are vague, and don’t include any form of detail with them. Once the case is over you can be more open about the details, but still don’t go too deep into them. The case is over, but the consequences can go on long after the final verdict. Some people can move on from things quickly, some can hold a grudge for years to come. Don’t provoke the situation and just let it fade away in time.

Before any of that starts though, you need the attorney to represent you. Rather in court or out of court, a Daytona Beach accident attorney can help defend you and get you the compensation you need. Rather from a motorcycle accident or medical malpractice claim, Rue & Ziffra is there for you.

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Human Error: Slip and Falls

If there is one universal truth about mankind, it’s that we tend to be kind of clumsy. Even the best of us will knock over a full cup of coffee because we got too distracted on our phone. Sometimes it is the phone that will go flying because we were distracted by something else. Whatever it is that is slipping or falling it all comes back to the same point. That we have a tendency to slip, trip, drop, and fall all on our own. The last thing we need while we are tripping over our own feet is to have something there to help us slip and fall. For many Americans though that is an all too common occurrence. Working as a Daytona Beach slip and fall attorney, we have seen quite a few of them. To the point that slips and falls hold quite a few records in the injury books. Just to name a few of them:

  • Slip and falls are the main cause of emergency room visits.
  • Slip and falls are the primary cause of lost work days.
  • Slip and falls are the main cause of worker’s compensation claims.
  • Slip and falls are the main cause of occupational injuries for workers 55 and over.

daytona beach slip and fall attorney

Those are just the trophies that slip and fall accidents hold in first place. There is a long list of other facts about slip and fall accidents that will make you keep an eye on where you are walking.

You may not know this either, but a lot of slip and falls happen in the workplace. When you think of a slip and fall you most likely imagine someone spilling milk in a grocery store and someone else slipping on it. While this is one way that it can happen it is far from the only way. That is why so many worker’s compensation claims come from slip and fall. While they can create quite a few injuries and leave their fair share of bruises, luckily they don’t tend to be fatal. They still should be avoided if at all possible. Make sure your work area is always free of debris and that equipment is put away properly. All it takes is one broom sticking out a little bit too far to cause a slip and fall injury. Some other ways to reduce the chances of falls happening in the workplace are:

  • Properly secure ladders when in use. Many falls occur while on ladders. Don’t place them on uneven surfaces, don’t go higher than the product recommends, and have someone to hold the ladder steady.
  • You can never have too many signs when it comes to safety. This means general signs talking about proper safety and warning signs warning about potential dangers. whether it is a “watch your step” sign or a “wet floor sign”, don’t be afraid to use them.
  • Bright colors are a great way to warn about obstacles on the floor. A bright yellow extension cord will be seen before a dull black one will. Brightly painted steps on a ladder are easier for your feet to find when climbing up and down them.
  • Proper training is always essential in a work area. Most times you will hire someone and give them that proper training. If you are having someone from a different department fill in, however, give them a safety briefing beforehand.

Even with all these precautions and the actual fear that you might trip over something, there is always the area open to human error. We have all seen people trip over nothing before and I am sure you have been the one doing it. When that unexpected moment happens don’t hesitate to seek out medical help first, and legal help second by contacting Rue & Ziffra.

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Daytona Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Daytona Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney

No one really just rides a motorcycle, because owning a motorcycle is so much more than simply owning a vehicle. Owning a motorcycle is a part of a lifestyle, one that is defined by the wind rushing past you as you ride down the interstate. It comes with an installed sense of freedom and adrenaline. It is all the benefits of an ordinary vehicle without a bunch of metal blocking you from the true thrills of the ride. This is one of the reasons why motorcycle accidents are so tragic. Not only is it the physical harm that comes from them, it’s the mental and spiritual aspects as well. It is the sudden impact that pulls you from this sense of freedom and adventure.

Motorcycle accidents happen far too often in the Daytona Beach area. As many of us know, Daytona Beach is a center for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. We host one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the country with Bike Week, and again with Biketoberfest. Between these events, we have plenty of motorcycle dealers, along with bars and stores that cater to the motorcycle lifestyle. While it is a wonderful thing, the motorcycle rider culture blending so seamlessly with the beachside City of Daytona and the surrounding areas, it does open up some dangers as well.

With so many motorcycles and vehicles on the main roads, they are bound to collide at some point, and it’s never pretty when they do. The freedom that motorcycles give their riders is also a drawback. Motorcycles offer little to no protection to their riders. The only protection offered is what the rider wears. Helmets and protective jackets only do so much though, so to really keep riders safe, we need to be attentive on the road. If you drive in the area, you will notice “Look Twice, Save a Life” stickers all the way from Ormond Beach to New Smyrna Beach. This is the best advice for preventing motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles can be difficult to see, so if you need to change lanes always remember.

Use a Turning Signal
Look Twice Before Merging

These two simple rules can be the difference between life and death on the road. Follow them, and you might just save a rider’s life. Working as Daytona Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorneys, we see far too many lives drastically changed in an instant. If you are one of those lives affected this way, contact the law offices of Rue & Ziffra. We have over 40 years of experience in helping motorcycle riders just like you with their legal needs.

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