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Most Common Causes of Workers’ Comp Claims

Author: Webmaster / December 20, 2013 / Categories: Blog

Most states have workers’ compensation laws that are designed to protect businesses and offer a worker a safety net if an injury occurs on the job. Workers who file a workers’ compensation claim will receive compensation for any lost wages and medical costs. Benefits provided by workers’ compensation will differ from state to state. Workers’ comp claims can be the result of many causes. Here are a few of the most common causes of workers’ compensation claims that can occur in the workplace.

Injuries Caused by Lifting and Carrying

Improper lifting and carrying of items which are heavy or awkward can cause an injury to the muscles in the back. Many times an injury is the result of a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle. Continued lifting of objects improperly can also lead to the deterioration of a disk in the back. One reason injuries occur when lifting is due to not knowing the exact weight of an object.

Injuries Caused by Slipping or Tripping

Accidentally slipping or falling at work can cause a severe injury. Workers who trip or fall can cause a fracture or sprain to an ankle. Falling on the job may also produce a laceration that will require stitches to close. The main reason workers will slip or trip while at work is due to floors that are wet, greasy, or may be damaged. Workers’ compensation claims can also occur whenever a worker trips and falls from an elevated area. This can include a staircase, a rooftop, or when climbing a ladder on the job.

Accidents Caused By a Vehicle

A common workplace hazard is an accident that occurs with a vehicle. Workers who are drivers are not the only people who may be involved in an accident. Anyone who drives their vehicle to work and will park in a dedicated parking lot can have an accident. Accidents in parking lots are more common when snow and ice are covering the ground. However, workers’ compensation will only cover the worker and not their vehicle.

Accidents Caused By Equipment

The improper use of misuse of company equipment is another common workplace hazard. Factories or warehouses with machines and other pieces of equipment need to be used properly. Any slip ups by the operator of equipment that is dangerous can lead to severe injury. This is the reason certain workers are trained to operate specific types of equipment.

Electrical Hazards

Accidents that are electrical in nature are not limited to electricians employed by a company. There are workers who operate machinery and equipment that may cause an electrical shock. Most accidents involving electrical equipment are due to water being introduced to an open circuit. Workers are typically wearing protective gear when on the job.

Violence in the Workplace

Fights and altercations at work are a type of workplace violence. Workers who are assaulted by another worker will have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim for their injuries. Workplace violence is the main cause of personal injury suffered by both men and women.

Workers should file a workers’ compensation claim whenever an injury occurs. A worker may also have a sickness develop if a hazardous job is being performed.

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