VA Disability Attorneys

The last thing a veteran needs, wants or deserves is to be injured while in service to our country, receive an honorable discharge, then have to turn around and battle the government for your rights, the same government which you have been fighting to protect. The government can be an overwhelming burden when you are going up against the agency to fight for a claim to your benefits that has been denied. Don’t face the battle alone. On average, the first applications for veteran disability claims get denied, despite having sufficient evidence of a legitimate injury. It is best to go into the fight with a lawyer by your side at the start of the application process.

VA Disability Attorneys

What many veterans are not aware of is that you, as a servant to our country, are eligible to receive disability benefits from the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are a veteran living in the State of Florida and you have been injured or had an injury aggravated during active duty or while in service to our country, you are eligible to receive disability benefits. However, it can be difficult to get your application approved by the department, and going through the grueling appeals process can be daunting. If you approach the department with a lawyer at your side, they are liable to take more notice of your case, and to take your claim seriously. When you go through a VA disability attorney in order to file a claim, the chances of getting approved upon your first application are much higher.

If you or a loved one is seeking an appeal for a benefits claim that has been denied, let Rue & Ziffra, VA Disability Attorneys, stand by your side. At Rue & Ziffra, we understand the hardship that falls on our soldiers and veterans while in the line of duty, and how devastating it can be to not only suffer an injury, but to struggle through the process of making a disability claim. The denial of that claim not only adds to your family’s financial burden, but it can add to your emotional and physical stress as well. At Rue & Ziffra, our team of legal experts are in your community and on your side. We are here 24/7 to answer any questions about your VA disability case. Give us a call today.


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