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At Rue & Ziffra we like to keep our community informed and up-to-date. As a result, our attorneys are continuously writing informative articles about various areas of personal injury.

Feel free to click on a title below to view a specific article. All articles are separated by category.

Automobile Accidents | Truck Accidents

Ten Traps To Avoid In Your Personal Injury Deposition
Permanent Hearing Loss from Airbag Deployments in Auto Accidents
Volusia County: Where Two of the Three Most Dangerous Highways in the Country Meet
Driving Under the Influence of Mobile Phones
Wearing Your Seatbelt is More Important Than You Think!
Road Rules to Help Avoid an Automobile Accident at an Intersection
School Bus Injuries and Children: How Seatbelts Can Save Your Child’s Life
The History of Florida’s Uninsured Motorist Law
Paying Punitive Damages in Auto Accident Claims
SUV’s can Pose Higher Risk of Auto Accident
The Reality of Driving Drunk
Hiring an Attorney May Be Beneficial for Automobile Accident Victims
Spinal Cord Injuries from Automobile Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents
Auto Accident Victims May Suffer Vertigo from Nerve Injury
Protective Barriers Can Save Lives
Seat Back Failures in Rear End Auto Accidents
Red Light Crashes and Dangerous Intersections in Flagler and Volusia Counties

Bicycle Accidents | Motorcycle Accidents

5 Steps To Help Avoid A Bicycle Accident
Motorcycle Safety Tips
Why Your Motorcycle Should Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Recall

Boating & Water Craft Accidents

Boating and Water Craft Accidents in Florida
Preventing Unnecessary Drowning in Florida’s Pools

Dog Bite Injuries

Seven Mistakes Not to Make if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog
Dog Bite Injuries: A Warning to Dog Owners
Non-Owners May be Liable for a Dog Bite Incident
Do You Know a Dangerous Dog?

Medical Malpractice| Nursing Home Abuse

Cases of Women and Heart Disease in Medical Malpractice
Colon Cancer: My Doctor Missed It
Compression Becomes First Step in CPR
Have I Been a Victim of Medical Malpractice?
Development of an Infection While in the Hospital
Read a related article about a doctor’s failure to respond from amednews.com
Malpractice Attorneys Fight Back Against Nursing Home Abuse
When Your Doctor Doesn’t Respond
Don’t Let Your Doctor “Rush You” Into Surgery
Treatment Protocols in the ER
Deadly Medicine in America
Comparative Negligence in Medical Malpractice Claims

Relative Information For Your Case

Using Social Media can Seriously Harm Your Case
Questions to Consider When Choosing an Attorney
Your Personal Injury Claim: What is an Examination Under Oath?
Legal Representation for a Burn Victim
Trial Tips: Testifying in Court
Changes in Florida Personal Injury Protection Law May Lower Insurance Rates

Social Security Disability

How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits
Applying for Social Security Disability: What to Do to Make a Strong Case
A Treating Physician is an SSD/SSI Claimant’s Best Ally
Medication Side Effects Can Help Your Disability Claim
Social Security Disability Hearings: Why Representation is a Necessity
How to Use Social Security’s Rules to Your Advantage
Top 5 Things to Avoid When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim
On the Record Request: A Short-Cut to Receive Disability Benefits
The Social Security Disability Claims Process: Step By Step

Worker's Compensation Claims

Dangerous Working Conditions Can Lead to Worker’s Compensation Claim

Wrongful Death

Damages Available Under A Wrongful Death Suit In Florida
Considering a Wrongful Death Suit?
Heirs Entitled to Recover Damages For Wrongful Death
Florida Tort Claims and Applicable Statute of Limitations
The Economist’s Role in Florida Wrongful Death Actions
Grievance Counseling and it’s Role in Florida Wrongful Death Claims

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