Automobile Accidents

  • Ten Traps To Avoid In Your Personal Injury Deposition
  • Permanent Hearing Loss from Airbag Deployments in Auto Accidents
  • Volusia County: Where Two of the Three Most Dangerous Highways in the Country Meet
  • Driving Under the Influence of Mobile Phones
  • Wearing Your Seatbelt is More Important Than You Think!
  • Road Rules to Help Avoid an Automobile Accident at an Intersection
  • School Bus Injuries and Children: How Seatbelts Can Save Your Child’s Life
  • The History of Florida’s Uninsured Motorist Law
  • Paying Punitive Damages in Auto Accident Claims
  • SUV’s can Pose Higher Risk of Auto Accident
  • The Reality of Driving Drunk
  • Hiring an Attorney May Be Beneficial for Automobile Accident Victims
  • Spinal Cord Injuries from Automobile Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Auto Accident Victims May Suffer Vertigo from Nerve Injury
  • Protective Barriers Can Save Lives
  • Seat Back Failures in Rear End Auto Accidents
  • Red Light Crashes and Dangerous Intersections in Flagler and Volusia Counties

Bicycle Accidents | Motorcycle Accidents

  • 5 Steps To Help Avoid A Bicycle Accident
  • Motorcycle Safety Tips
  • Why Your Motorcycle Should Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Recall

Boating & Water Craft Accidents

  • Boating and Water Craft Accidents in Florida
  • Preventing Unnecessary Drowning in Florida’s Pools

Dog Bite Injuries

  • Seven Mistakes Not to Make if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog
  • Dog Bite Injuries: A Warning to Dog Owners
  • Non-Owners May be Liable for a Dog Bite Incident
  • Do You Know a Dangerous Dog?

Medical Malpractice| Nursing Home Abuse

  • Cases of Women and Heart Disease in Medical Malpractice
  • Colon Cancer: My Doctor Missed It
  • Compression Becomes First Step in CPR
  • Have I Been a Victim of Medical Malpractice?
  • Development of an Infection While in the Hospital
  • Read a related article about a doctor’s failure to respond from
  • Malpractice Attorneys Fight Back Against Nursing Home Abuse
  • When Your Doctor Doesn’t Respond
  • Don’t Let Your Doctor “Rush You” Into Surgery
  • Treatment Protocols in the ER
  • Deadly Medicine in America
  • Comparative Negligence in Medical Malpractice Claims

Relative Information For Your Case

  • Using Social Media can Seriously Harm Your Case
  • Questions to Consider When Choosing an Attorney
  • Your Personal Injury Claim: What is an Examination Under Oath?
  • Legal Representation for a Burn Victim
  • Trial Tips: Testifying in Court
  • Changes in Florida Personal Injury Protection Law May Lower Insurance Rates

Social Security Disability

  • How to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits
  • Applying for Social Security Disability: What to Do to Make a Strong Case
  • A Treating Physician is an SSD/SSI Claimant’s Best Ally
  • Medication Side Effects Can Help Your Disability Claim
  • Social Security Disability Hearings: Why Representation is a Necessity
  • How to Use Social Security’s Rules to Your Advantage
  • Top 5 Things to Avoid When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim
  • On the Record Request: A Short-Cut to Receive Disability Benefits
  • The Social Security Disability Claims Process: Step By Step

Worker's Compensation Claims

  • Dangerous Working Conditions Can Lead to Worker’s Compensation Claim

Wrongful Death

  • Damages Available Under A Wrongful Death Suit In Florida
  • Considering a Wrongful Death Suit?
  • Heirs Entitled to Recover Damages For Wrongful Death
  • Florida Tort Claims and Applicable Statute of Limitations
  • The Economist’s Role in Florida Wrongful Death Actions
  • Grievance Counseling and it’s Role in Florida Wrongful Death Claims