What is a Board Certified Attorney?

FL Board Certified AttorneyPlace your trust in an attorney you can feel confident knows what they’re talking about when it comes to bankruptcy or creditor’s rights cases. Choosing a board certified attorney means that you’ve got an expert on your side and the best possible chance for the success. A Board Certified Attorney has been through rigorous testing and obtained the necessary certifications, in order to aid their clients with full expertise in their case.   

Specifically, a Board Certified Attorney is an attorney who has achieved certification by the ABC, American Board of Certification’s. The ABC works to provide certifications to its members to ensure clients receive the expertise and high level of attention they deserve for their case. 

Find out today if your lawyer is the right lawyer. At Rue & Ziffra, one of our attorneys is Board Certified. We believe in providing our clients with the high level expertise that they deserve, and the Board Certified attorney Luis R. Gracia can give you just that with our aggressive and professional legal representation .

What is the value of a Board Certified Attorney?

Would you ever go to a doctor who held no medical degree? Why would you then go to a lawyer who isn’t Board Certified? 

Your rights and recovery is not something to take chance on and gamble. Whether it is a long term disability claim, a denied social security disability claim, seeking out a  qualified attorney that you can trust to represent you in an already taxing circumstance can be an arduous task. Our office at Rue & Ziffra makes it easy for you by providing you only the best representation. 

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Florida’s Top 6% Board Certified Attorneys

According to the Florida Bar there are 71,881 attorneys in Florida, but only 6% are Board Certified Attorneys. Why?  Because it’s not easy – It requires the highest level of expertise, education and performance.  Every 5 years they are re-evaluated to ensure that they still meet the rigid requirements.

According to the Florida Bar President, Eugene Pettis, “Board certification is becoming a standard of preference for an increasing number of clients. In an ever-crowded field of over 93,000 lawyers, the achievement of board certification – the Bar’s highest evaluation of a lawyer’s competence and experience in a particular area of practice – is the only way of distinguishing yourself as an expert or a specialist. I highly encourage lawyers to demonstrate their competence and experience through seeking board certification in their professional areas.”

The Minimum Requirements to be a Board Certified Attorney are:

  • Practice law for a minimum of five years. 
  • Demonstrate substantial involvement in the field of law for which certification is sought. 
  • Pass satisfactory peer review of competence in the specialty field as well as character, ethics and professionalism in the practice of law. 
  • Satisfy the certification area’s continuing legal education requirements. 
  • Receive a passing grade on the examination required of all applicants or meet strict criteria to exempt the exam. 

Learn more about our Board Certified Attorney who is part of the 6%.  Learn about Luis R. Gracia – His verdicts, settlements, memberships and more.

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