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Keeping a Town Running

Author: Gary Vela / July 10, 2017 / Categories: Florida, Port Orange

Port Orange Truck Accident Attorney

How do you keep a tourist town up and running? It takes quite a bit of effort on everyone’s part. Stores have to keep stocked with the product for both locals and out of town tourists. Since all that stock can’t come from Florida, it has to be delivered from out of state, in some instances from out of the country. Some stores have this done multiple times a week, such as Wal-Mart and Target. Some stores have their deliveries more spread out such as local stores. Then you have the local delivery trucks that can be running constantly to restock vending machines, special products, and the like.

Port Orange Truck Accident Attorney

Behind the success of all this is the trucking industry. Trucks run day and night to keep Port Orange and really all of America running. You wouldn’t think it possible, but if all the trucks in America stopped for just one day there is no telling how bad the consequences would be. It’s not just the products sold in the stores either though. Even the gas we fill our cars with are all thanks to the trucking industry. They are what connects the farming world with the stores, delivering milk and other products to be packaged and sent out. It is one huge network of responsibility that rests on the shoulders of a few dedicated drivers. While there may be trucks all over the road, they make up a small percentage of the vehicles on the road, and yet they serve such an important role.

With that much responsibility on your shoulders, it means the job can get stressful. You have deadlines to meet, and when that deadline is literally on the other side of the country, you can feel the pressure. Combine this with being stuck in a truck for weeks on end and you wouldn’t be surprised that truck accidents happen. Truck accidents are terrifying ordeals. With such a massive vehicle filled with so many pounds of cargo crashing down on you, it is a miracle to survive such an incident.

If you are on Social Media, there is a good chance you have seen some form of truck accident, either a video or news story about one. Not long ago, Tracy Morgan, a famous actor, was involved in a very serious truck accident. He was seriously injured and others were killed in it. It was a story that was posted all over Facebook and all kinds of news channels. There are other sometimes comical truck accidents such as one that tried driving under a bridge that was too low for it, and more terrifying ones such as a gas truck going off the road because it has caught fire.

They also create potentially miles of traffic from the incident. Because a wrecked semi can easily cover multiple lanes, possibly even all of the lanes. Traffic is another area where accidents can happen, making the entire scenario that much worse. On the lesser end of the consequences, a store can run out of stock, deliveries can get backed up, products can get damaged, and the products have to be moved to a new truck. It is an all-around disaster for everyone involved, even the people who are miles away from the accident.

To help make this trying experience a little easier, Rue & Ziffra can help you get an experienced Port Orange Truck Accident Attorney to represent you in court. They will guide you through the process from beginning to end if you need them to. From the moment of impact to the end of the trial, Rue & Ziffra will be there every step of the way. Visit us at rueziffra.com to learn more or schedule a consultation.

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