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Getting What you are Owed

Author: Gary Vela / July 12, 2017 / Categories: Florida, Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach Automobile Accident Attorney

ormond beach automobile accident attorney

There are a few ways to ruin the perfect date. They can talk about themselves too much, or talk about their ex or give you a creepy amount of personal information. The restaurant can have a hand with bad service or bad food, or maybe you just have bad luck. Maybe the date gets ruined before the date even begins with an automobile accident. Is there anything worse than spending all that time picking out an outfit, fixing up your makeup, making sure your eyebrows are on point, just to never make it to the restaurant because someone wasn’t paying attention and ran into the side of your car? Your car, your night, your date, and maybe your health is at least temporary ruined. The date can be rescheduled but the car and health part has to be dealt with immediately and may have some lasting effects.

Depending on the type of injury you sustain from the automobile accident you may not be taking any romantic walks on the beach or going back to work right away. Injuries need time to heal and at first, may require you to take some time away from work. Which can be good, because the first couple of days are usually the most painful and can be a little awkward for you. It takes time to get used to living with an arm or leg cast. The medication you have to take can also have side effects that prevent you from working. Most prescriptions for pain will make you drowsy and will recommend not operating heavy equipment or motorized vehicles. Without the ability to drive around how will you get to work, and how will you focus once you get there?

This causes another problem because prescriptions might cost you money that you’re not making right now. Even if you have health insurance it may cover only part of the prescription cost. You also need a way to pay for bills, food, utilities, and all the other common expenses. You don’t have a way to pay those bills though because someone else was careless behind the wheel. Luckily that is not something you have to worry about. Part of the compensation you are owed when in an accident is compensation for lost income from injuries. This compensation includes Lost Income and Lost Compensation. What is the difference between the two?

  • Lost Income: This includes wages and salary that you have lost because of the injury.
  • Lost Compensation: Did you use any sick days or vacation days to cover your absence from work because of your injury? You are owed the value of those days as well. Any kind of bonus you will miss out on can also be included.

It is also important to get an attorney to help you through this time. Some insurance companies might try to offer you less compensation than you are rightfully owed. The driver who hit you can also try to claim you are at fault for the accident. Even if they don’t have any evidence for this claim they can still try and fight you on it. This can prolong the situation and if you are not well defended they might even win. Crazier things have happened in the courtroom. That’s why you can’t just hire any attorney, you need one with a proven track record like an Ormond Beach Automobile Accident Attorney at Rue & Ziffra. They have the skills and experience to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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