Tricky Memories

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there? You just kind of end up looking around at random things and hoping something triggers your memory. The reason this happens is that our mind sees doorways as event boundaries. What that means is when the mind walks through the door it separates events. What you were thinking about in the other room is filed away and the mind starts a new series of thoughts. It’s a little hard to believe isn’t it, that our mind can switch that fast and our memory involuntarily goes with it. That is because the entire concept of how memory works is an odd thing. Let’s take a quick look at some facts about our memory and why they are important for you and your Daytona Beach Automobile Accident Attorney.

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Several studies have been conducted regarding how the mind works, including the parts that involve memory. It is important to understand how memory works physically and mentally so that we can combat different diseases like Alzheimer’s. They are also important because they give us ways to improve our memory which has all kinds of benefits. Sometimes these studies turn up interesting results. For instance, did you know that every time you recall a memory, it changes a little bit? Not only does it change, but we don’t realize that something in it has changed. These changes can be minor, like thinking you wore a blue shirt instead of a black one, or a major change like what the weather was like that day.

That last fact is vital to understand and to work around because, in an automobile accident case, accuracy is key to success. An attorney is trained to notice any little abnormally in your story and use it to their advantage. For this reason, physical evidence and fresh memory are extremely important to record.

Of course, the first thing you should do after an accident is to seek out medical attention. Get checked out by a doctor and receive any treatment you need to get on the road to recovery. As soon as you are able to focus and write, however, you need to start going over all of the details. Write down the entire thing from beginning to end. Add in any small details that add to the story. It is important that your story and writing are clear and easy to understand. Don’t worry too much about grammar and spelling right now, you can always rewrite it or type it out on a computer again later. No one is going to fault you for missing a comma when you were laying in a hospital bed with your arm in a cast. The important part here is the narrative. Once it is written and you have checked it for accuracy, make a few copies of it. Give one to the Daytona Beach automobile attorney that is representing you.

If you are not injured in the accident and a medical professional says you are healthy and okay, then you can write the story right there using pen and paper, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Take photos of everything. Take them of the entire scene, take close ups of every point of damage on any vehicle involved. If you received any bruises or cuts take photos of those as well. If there was any effect on the inside of the vehicle, even if it is just coffee flying onto the dashboard, taking a photo of that as well. You would benefit more from having too many photos than not enough. Feel free to take a selfie even, post it on Facebook and let everyone know that you are okay.

When you take all of this and pair it with official statements you gave (hopefully after consulting with your Daytona Beach automobile accident attorney) you create a strong narrative of how the accident happened. There will be less room for doubt when the story is reviewed in the courtroom. It helps to build a strong case for yourself from the very beginning and makes your attorney’s job a little bit easier. If you have recently been involved in an accident, contact Rue & Ziffra today to get a Daytona Beach Automobile Accident Attorney to represent you. If you have not been in one, it is still a good idea to put our number on your phone just in case. You can reach us at 1-800-526-4711.

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