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Interacting with Opponents

Author: Gary Vela / June 19, 2017 / Categories: Daytona Beach, Florida, Personal Injury Daytona Beach

The courtroom can sometimes be a battlefield where two parties meet and fire back and forth at each other. Sometimes these things can be settled outside of the courtroom, but there are still two distinct sides to each case. Of course, this doesn’t mean there has to be hostility between the two parties involved. They can still interact with each other or even be friends. While it might be advised to avoid each other, you might still bump into each other at the store. It tends to not be in our nature to just ignore someone who is right in front of us, so small chatter might start up between the two of you. Do you know what you should say or not say? That is important to know when talking not just to the opponent, but to anyone who knows the opponent.

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It is a well-known fact that gossip happens, and it is not limited to the movie cliche’ of a group of women talking over wine or coffee. Men are just as guilty of doing it, maybe even more. All it takes is the right piece of information to reach the wrong ears to cause problems in the courtroom for you and your Daytona Beach Auto Attorney. An even bigger problem is when it happens on a social media network such as Facebook where it can be documented and shown in court. That is for another article, however, right now we talking about communicating either verbally or over messaging.

The best advice we can give you is to not talk about the case when not around your Daytona Beach Accident attorney. This even counts for talking to people you trust like your spouse or your best friend. They wouldn’t sabotage your case intentionally but sometimes words slip out carelessly. When asked about the case, just give people simple answers. Tell them it is going well, or say that it’s stressful, or ongoing, etc. Use words that are vague, and don’t include any form of detail with them. Once the case is over you can be more open about the details, but still don’t go too deep into them. The case is over, but the consequences can go on long after the final verdict. Some people can move on from things quickly, some can hold a grudge for years to come. Don’t provoke the situation and just let it fade away in time.

Before any of that starts though, you need the attorney to represent you. Rather in court or out of court, a Daytona Beach accident attorney can help defend you and get you the compensation you need. Rather from a motorcycle accident or medical malpractice claim, Rue & Ziffra is there for you.

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